day 25: Magic; Padmasana & Ajna Chakra Mudra. Everything about this practice is magical to me: from bringing me to the breath in the present moment to helping me to accept (and even love) myself and where I am *right now* (…at least, for the most part…). There is magic in this IG yoga family, and I am beyond blessed to have found my way here. You are the magical creatures, along with this magical practice, who have helped me to find the light, the honesty, the breath, and the space in which to allow prana to flow. Energy. Life. Worth. Intuition. Community. Rebirth. Gratitude. @alissayoga @bohemian_heart @briennejanae @_childoftheuniversee @yogashalawaterdown @getfityogagirl @tothleane
by amyjirsa_yogini via Instagram